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Inspired Nurses: Share Your Spark!

Created Apr 10 2017, 08:00 PM by Lippincott Solutions
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Inspiration sparks in the most unexpected places.

  • A woman comes across a one-vehicle crash and finds a moaning young woman, alone, on a dark, desolate highway. She comforts her until help arrives. As she watches the woman airlifted away, she wishes she had known what else to do.  When she hears from the family that the daughter survived, she vows to become a nurse.
  • A newly licensed cosmetologist scores her first official job at a salon along with an unofficial role as a hospice caregiver to her father, who is dying from malignant melanoma. Seeing first-hand how valuable the work of a nurse is, she decides to go to nursing school. Twenty-four years later, this RN’s daughter is studying to be a nurse, too.
  • A clinical educator with years of experience is taken aback by a nursing student’s easy compassion with a nervous patient. With one simple line delivered kindly, the student gains the patient’s trust and provides the reassurance she craves. The caring touch and hope provided by the future nurse eases the patient, and the educator feels a surge of pride in her profession.

These are some of the stories that get us right here, and we are proud to feature them on our annual Inspired Nurses Do Amazing Things calendar. Our goal in publishing the calendar every year is twofold: to recognize the amazing role of nurses in society, and to inspire you to continue on in your day-to-day work by reading stories that will resonate with and encourage you.


We are currently accepting entries for our 2018 edition here, and we are asking you and your colleagues to share your stories. The person who submits the best overall story will score a FitBit Alta™, second place will receive a $75 Visa gift card, and third place will receive a $50 Visa gift card.  All top 12 ‘storytellers’ will be featured in our 2018 Inspired Nurses Do Amazing Things glossy print calendar, and will also receive a free copy of the Nursing2017 Drug Handbook®.  

We’re looking for real-life stories that will pass on the spark of inspiration and spread the nursing passion across healthcare settings nationwide. We know you have stories. Their worth is magnified when you share them.

  • Was there a special event that triggered your decision to go into nursing, or were you “born a nurse”? Tell us!
  • Was there an unexpected moment, as a nurse, that resonated with you and confirmed to your core that you chose the right profession, or do the everyday moments reinforce your value regularly? Tell us!
  • When you consider your career so far, what moments make the highlight reel and why? What faces do you see? What words do you hear? Tell us!
  • Is there a nurse you know whose work takes your breath away? What makes this person effective and special? What can we learn, and what have you learned, from their example? Tell us!

Tell us what makes you weep, what makes you laugh, and what inspires you to continue in your role. Tell us what makes you and your colleagues amazing. Tell us about the last time something reminded you why you became a nurse.

We’re listening.


When you share your spark, passion, positivity and inspiration spreads.

Too often the work of nurses goes unappreciated in our fast-paced healthcare culture. Pay forward the inspirational stories that got you through those especially tough days, and take a moment to uplift other nurses — and yourself — by sharing your story.

We can’t wait to hear!