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Getting the Most From Your LMS

Created Jul 06 2017, 08:00 PM by Lippincott Solutions
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Friday, July 7, 2017
Getting the Most From Your LMS

Learning management systems (LMS) are an integral part of training and development programs used by clinical educators and NPDs. An LMS is a software program that allows for administration and delivery of educational content.

They may be intranet or internet based and allow multiple functions such as scheduling, delivery, assessment, evaluation, tracking, and record maintenance. Workers can enroll online in safety courses, technical modules, professional development, and continuing education programs.

LMS that go beyond compliance

Complying with municipal laws and professional guidelines will always fall under the realm of the human resources team; however, compliance is just one small aspect of a robust learning program. While it's important to make sure your employees are trained in safety and the basics of rules and regulations, it's also important to consider the evolution of your staff.

An assessment of your workforce will help you understand skill gaps and deficiencies. Evaluate those assessments in order to develop a strategic LMS plan.

A robust training and development program that's aligned with the aspirations of your employees can also help your human resources team think about expansion and growth. Are nurses happy in their current role? Do they want to take on more work? Will they accept fun and interesting projects that will challenge them in creative and important ways? It's important to know the answers to those questions if you wish to have any credibility with your leadership team.

Finally, when you align your LMS with the career development needs of your workforce, you're also investing in your culture and building a future workforce that will move your facility ahead of its competition. Offering LMS modules that are focused on personal growth can help nurses envision the future, even if they can't directly see it.

Focus on empowerment, not paperwork

Although most human resources departments have moved on from paper records, they haven't quite escaped the mentality of structuring their LMS platforms to focus solely on the compliance-driven needs of the organization. Aligning your LMS to the individual needs of your employees will help you break stereotypes and empower a more engaged workforce. Most importantly, it can help you can create a future where nurse leadership roles are associated with talent agility instead of paperwork.

The major benefits of using an LMS, as indicated by nurses in a 2014 survey, are:

  • Ability to report, track, and monitor compliance
  • Accessibility
  • Standardization of education
  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility and customization

In addition to benefits, respondents were asked to identify issues they had to overcome related to use of an LMS. The top response to this question was challenges learning to use the system, indicating that systems were difficult to use and were not user friendly. Other responses included reporting, tracking, and certificate issues; educational design issues; and lack of interactivity and content creation.

There are tons of things to consider when it comes to opting for the right LMS. Evaluating an LMS is a complex task and research supports different forms of evaluation, including iterative processes where students’ experiences and approaches to learning are assessed.

One of the biggest considerations is the choice between cloud-based deployment and open source license. Pricing models, specification support, customer type and additional features are all factors to pay attention to when making the right LMS choice.

How would you describe the development, implementation, and evolution of your LMS? Leave us a comment below.

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