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      • Can Wearable Technology Improve Patient Care?

        Published Dec 20 2019, 08:30 AM by Lippincott Solutions
        • wearable technology
        • patient care

        Wearable technology has helped take personal care to another level. But how does this information translate to the health care setting? Does it help hospital staff improve patient care, or is it just a fad without real medical application?

      • Our Top 10 Most Popular Blogs of 2019

        Published Dec 18 2019, 11:45 AM by Lippincott Solutions
        • burnout
        • patient outcomes
        • nurse shortage
        • Lean Six Sigma
        • retention
        • Suicide Prevention
        • infection prevention
        • macrotrends
        • Patient-centered care
        • telehealth
        • telemedicine
        • Improve Outcomes

        As we are counting down to 2020, we wanted to look back on our most popular posts of 2019.

      • [Infographic] How to Create a Culture of Caring

        Published Dec 12 2019, 10:13 AM by Lippincott Solutions

        With the concept of care ever-changing, it can be challenging to keep up. Here are 5 ways you and your staff can provide high-quality and patient-centered care today.

      • Why You Should Pursue Lifelong Learning

        Published Dec 05 2019, 11:00 AM by Lippincott Solutions
        • Lifelong Learning

        there are many reasons why you should make the time to pursue learning across your career. Besides providing you with the opportunity to advance your career, learning is crucial to improving patient outcomes.

      • Improving new nurse competency through hospital transition programs

        Published Nov 27 2019, 09:45 PM by Lippincott Solutions
        • RN transition programs
        • competency

        To avoid a potential nursing shortage, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates the need for 1.1 million new nurses to replace retirees and expand care.

      • 5 Ways to Keep Home Health Staff Engaged

        Published Nov 23 2019, 07:15 PM by Lippincott Solutions
        • recruitment
        • staffing
        • retention
        • turnover

        Improve home health employee recruitment and retention through communication.

      • 3 Ways You Can Advance in the Field of Nursing

        Published Nov 14 2019, 11:00 AM by Lippincott Solutions
        • professional development
        • advanced practice nurses
        • nursing

        Many nurses enter the field to care for patients in the hospital setting. However, the nursing career opens the opportunity to do many kinds of work, in and out of the clinical setting.

      • How Telehealth Is Changing Home Health Care

        Published Nov 06 2019, 10:16 AM by Lippincott Solutions
        • American Telemedicine Association
        • home care
        • telehealth
        • telemedicine

        Home care providers find success using telehealth to coordinate home-based healthcare for elderly patients.

      • 3 Steps to Combat Bullying Among Nurses

        Published Oct 21 2019, 06:00 PM by Lippincott Solutions
        • workplace bullying
        • Mental Health
        • turnover

        How do we help combat bullying amongst our nursing staff and build an environment in which any nurse would feel welcome?

      • [Infographic] 5 Ways CNOs Can Navigate the Nursing Shortage

        Published Sep 26 2019, 03:24 PM by Lippincott Solutions
        • nursing shortage
        • macrotrends
        • Improve Outcomes
        • ANCC Magnet

        How to help colleagues and staff improve competency, care and outcomes