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      • 6 Tips For Avoiding Nurse Burnout

        Published 15 hours ago by Lippincott Solutions
        • stress reduction
        • job burnout

        Burnout can be crippling, but it's preventable if you practice self-care first.

      • Inspiring Job Satisfaction in Millennial Nurses

        Published 7 days ago by Lippincott Solutions
        • retention
        • millennial nurses
        • job satisfaction
        • turnover

        Employers can’t bank on millennial nurses being content to stay in their jobs. Health organizations must proactively inspire workplace loyalty in young nurses.

      • Nursing Salary Report 2018

        Published 9 days ago by Lippincott Solutions
        • nursing compensation
        • benefits
        • nursing salaries

        How is recent economic growth affecting nursing compensation?

      • When Empathy Turns Harmful

        Published 13 days ago by Lippincott Solutions
        • compassion fatigue
        • compassion
        • burnout

        Empathetic nurses connect with patients in a uniquely valuable way and often provide higher quality care because of it. But there’s another side to empathy.

      • 5 Things to Know About MACRA’s Quality Payment Program

        Published 16 days ago by Lippincott Solutions
        • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
        • MIPS
        • Health care quality
        • CMS

        Focus on quality and cost will intensify in the second year of MACRA’s Quality Payment Program, according to the final rule.

      • How Does Population Health Impact Hospital Quality Scores?

        Published 21 days ago by Lippincott Solutions
        • quality scores
        • SDOH
        • patient outcomes
        • hospital ratings
        • Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
        • Star Ratings
        • social determinants of health
        • healthy people 2020
        • population health
        • CMS

        The population health concept represents a change in focus from individual-level outcomes to improving the health of an entire population group.

      • Making the Best of Holiday Shifts

        Published 29 days ago by Lippincott Solutions
        • nursing shifts on holidays
        • holiday nursing shift work
        • stress reduction

        Learn tips for success when scheduled to work during the holidays.

      • Revisiting Triple Aim Efforts in Turbulent Times

        Published 35 days ago by Lippincott Solutions
        • Triple Aim
        • innovation
        • patient care
        • healthcare reform adoption
        • healthcare quality
        • IHI

        Is uncertainty with healthcare reform endangering efforts to improve care quality?

      • Why Quality Care Isn’t Nearly Enough

        Published 37 days ago by Lippincott Solutions
        • patient outcomes
        • Wellness
        • population health
        • Health care quality

        Social determinants of population health can have a huge impact on patient outcomes.

      • To Err Is Human

        Published 43 days ago by Lippincott Solutions
        • CDC
        • Center for Disease Control
        • medication errors
        • US News & World Report
        • nursing documentation
        • Patient Safety
        • Falls
        • medical errors
        • hospital-acquired infections

        Medical errors are a leading cause of death. Learn some proven tips for safer patient care.