What Our Customers Are Saying About Lippincott Solutions

We recognize the extraordinary in the care that our customers perform for patients every shift. We are humbled and happy that our computer software technology and evidence-based content - delivered at the point-of-care and via professional development - helps improve patient outcomes and fosters clinical excellence.

Did you Lippincott it?

Lippincott Solutions customers share how they "Lippincott it" to help improve patient outcomes and strive for nursing excellence.

Lippincott Solutions + Usability

More Magnet hospitals trust Lippincott Solutions to achieve and maintain clinical excellence. Customers explain of the ease of use and speed of Lippincott Advisor and Procedures helps to achieve Magnet status.

Lippincott Solutions + Care Standardization

Magnet hospitals trust Lippincott Solutions to achieve and maintain clinical excellence. Hear how customers use our leading suite of evidence-based software to improve standardization of care.

“We are proud to be working on our third Magnet redesignation. For previous applications, it helped to be able to show our procedures via Lippincott and just how regularly and efficiently our procedure updates are managed.”

Mary Comeau MSN, RN, CMSRN
Manager Professional Nursing Education/System Clinical Educator
Scottsdale, Arizona

“We opted to bring Lippincott Solutions into our nursing school as the hospitals that are our clinical partners use it. For teaching higher level skills – such as in MedSurge II lab – we assign content from Lippincott for our students to review prior to lab. We’ve found Lippincott to be much more detailed and specific than other teaching resources; this allows for true application of the skill in clinical settings. We are proud to say that we have no trouble at all with clinical placements, and that hiring facilities are impressed with just how prepared our students are for clinicals. Lippincott has been a valuable support in preparing our students.”

Patricia Davis, MSN, RN, CSHE, CNE
Director, Clinical Skills and Simulation Laboratory
The George Washington University School of Nursing
Washington, D.C.

Lippincott Solutions + Mobile Apps

Learn how Lippincott Solutions mobile apps make accessing evidence-based information even more convenient to our customers.

Lippincott Solutions + Improve Clinical Competencies

Lippincott Solutions customers share how they have seen notable improvements in clinical competencies.

“As an educator, Lippincott Procedures has saved me a lot of time. It is an easy-to-use, central place to go for nurse-specific transcripts. Before I would have to create transcripts for over 200 nurses – it was very labor intensive. In Lippincott Procedures, I can easily and quickly pull up all the procedures that each nurse has passed.

Lippincott Advisor and Lippincott Procedures are excellent products. I like that they are regularly updated, are evidence-based, and provide links to source evidence. Now when nurses ask me for the supporting evidence, I can easily point them to it in Lippincott.”

Nix HealthMelissa J. Dominguez, MSN, RN, CNL
Director of Performance Improvement and Education
Nix Health
San Antonio, TX

“We are in the process of introducing Lippincott Procedures across our large, integrated health system of 12 hospitals. Prior to having Procedures, our nurses relied on our facility-specific intranet for procedures. Lippincott has since allowed us to standardize policies and procedures, where necessary, across all of our sites. This has been extremely beneficial. 

Lippincott Procedures has excellent ‘searchability’. Our nurses are able to quickly find exactly what they are looking for in Lippincott, which is critical in ensuring quality patient care. In order to have all information in one place for our nurses, we also linked to our policies in the critical notes section.”

Clinical Development Specialist

Lippincott Solutions + Policies & Procedures

Dr. Barbara Mayer, Ph.D discusses using Lippincott Solutions for nursing quality.

Lippincott Solutions + Evidence

Daria King, a nurse scientist, discusses Lippincott Procedures' latest references and usability.

Lippincott Solutions + Standardized Care

Yolanda White-Brooks, Chief of Nursing, explains how using Procedures helped standardize workflow for the 1,500 nurses at her facility.  

“It used to be that any time a staff nurse or manager had a question about a procedure, they would call us. Now that we have Lippincott, our nurses print off the quick lists and bring them to the bedside. We hardly get any calls anymore about procedures, and our nurses now have the confidence to provide quality care. With Lippincott, our nurses know they have the most current, gold-standard way of doing things.”

Nandel H. Smith, RN, MS, NE-BC
Nurse Manager
AnMed Health
Anderson, SC

“The nursing faculty at George Washington University values having Lippincott on hand.  As we update our lesson plans, we frequently go to Lippincott to make sure that we are incorporating the most updated, current procedures into our teaching.”

Patricia Davis, MSN, RN, CSHE, CNE
Director, Clinical Skills and Simulation Laboratory
The George Washington University School of Nursing
Washington, D.C

“What we like most about Lippincott Procedures and Lippincott Advisor is that they are updated regularly. Having Lippincott, we have confidence that our procedures are current and evidence-based. Lippincott’s Nursing Procedures and Skills has helped us improve patient care, particularly with our new graduates. RNs can now review a procedure that they may have only done once in school, rather than proceed apprehensively feeling they ‘should know how to do it.’

There was certainly some work upfront in implementing Procedures in our organization. We reviewed all of Lippincott’s procedures to ensure that they were relevant to our facility, and added critical notes to make them pertinent to our facility's practices.  Now we have a strong, evidence-based list of procedures that fit our organization, and get updated regularly.”

Lisa Baske
Clinical Educator
Memorial Hospital at University of Colorado Health
Colorado Springs, CO

“Prior to having Lippincott Procedures, each of our hospitals had a dedicated position to research and update procedures. Now with Lippincott we are able to save money, while still ensuring that our procedures are evidence-based and current.

We’re still really a paper-based organization. We were concerned that our staff would be reluctant to learn and use an electronic system such as Lippincott’s. We have found that this hasn’t been a problem at all. Even those who were barely able to use email are having a very easy time learning and using Lippincott Procedures. I would tell other hospitals not to worry about the leap to using an electronic system; Lippincott Procedures is very intuitive and simple to use.”

A Lippincott Procedures Customer in Mental Health

“Lippincott Procedures and Advisor have been valuable in our training programs. I recently conducted Neurological Assessment Training for our Medical Surgical nurses and was very happy with Lippincott’s content and presentation. We referred to Lippincott’s arm strengths and leg strengths videos – the nurses loved them. The detail provided by Lippincott helped our nurses learn quickly and effectively.”

Gari Lynn Gehrke, RN
Clinical Nurse Educator
Redington-Fairview General Hospital
Skowhegan, ME

“With the help of Lippincott Procedures, I am able to focus education where it is truly needed. For example, Lippincott Procedures gives me the ability to see which terms are most freqently searched by my staff. I recently noticed that “Chest Tubes” had been looked up a lot. As a result, I made this a focus at our skills fair. I assigned the Lippincott procedure to my clinicians with the associated quiz.  Lippincott helps make education effective, and helps boost the quality of care we provide to our patients.

Before Lippincott, it was very difficult to see who was attending trainings and how frequently each clinician received training.  Now Lippincott enables me to see who attends each skills fair, and allows me to assign quizzes to those who do not attend. We even take Lippincott one step further: during performance appraisals, our Directors pull up completed quizzes in Lippincott to incorporate into reviews. We use Lippincott Procedures so that we have complete confidence our staff is always trained on the most current, evidence-based procedures.”

Sherry Chambers RN., BScN
Clinical Nurse Educator, Director of Nursing Resource Team
Norfolk General Hospital
Simcoe, Ontario

“Our nurses and nurse educators use Lippincott Procedures on a daily basis. We have computers at each bedside, allowing our nurses to reference Lippincott Procedures to improve patient care. Lippincott Procedures ensures that our patients are getting the best and safest care.

We chose Lippincott because it is evidence-based, simple to use, and more cost effective than the alternatives.”

Clinical Education Coordinator
550 bed Medical Center in Georgia

“Lippincott is tremendously customizable to our needs. Recently we had a question about medication administration safety. Using Lippincott’s procedure for “Safe Medication Administration Practices”, I created a checklist in Lippincott which included AnMed-specific information. I then sent it out to our managers to get their staff checked off. We’ve since seen a great improvement in the way medication is administered.”

Nandel H. Smith, RN, MS, NE-BC
Nurse Manager
AnMed Health
Anderson, SC

“Lippincott Procedures is updated frequently and evidenced based and that’s such a big push right now. It’s also easy to navigate. We use it every time there is a disagreement on how a procedure is done. It’s our go-to source that says, ‘This is what we need to do.’”

Wendy, RN
VA Hospital ICU

“Part of our vision is to push everything to the fingertips of nurses so they don’t have to leave the patients’ room to get the information they need. We have computers in every room so our nurses can access Lippincott Proceduress and other resources.                 

Lippincott Procedures is easy to read and our nurses love the pictures and videos and preceptors can pull the checklists. Our procedures were formatted to look just like Lippincott’s so now when the nurses go online, they go to one place to get their information – they really like that.”

Rebecca Rose, RN, BSN, MS, CCRN
Senior Director, Systems and Special Projects
Virginia Hospital Center
Arlington, VA

“Lippincott is the primary go-to place for our nurses for procedures. We teach Lippincott extensively during orientation, and have found it helpful with supporting nursing education and competency. Some of our educators have assigned nurses to read procedures in Lippincott, and then use the testing feature to assess comprehension. Lippincott is very helpful in this regard. 

I am a 100% believer in the value of Lippincott’s online procedures. We went from having nearly 300 written policies, and can now point nurses to streamlined, up-to-date procedures in Lippincott. Using Lippincott’s critical note function, we are able to customize procedures to our organization.”

Karen McCamant, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC
Professional Practice Coordinator
Union Hospital
Elkton, MD

“Lippincott Procedures is especially helpful for our nurses to review infrequently performed procedures. Lippincott provides excellent easy-to-follow, evidence-based information that includes images and videos.”

Diana Hacker, RN, CHPN
Hospice Educator
Hospice of NW Ohio
Perrysburg, OH

“I consider Lippincott Procedures the gold standard of nursing practice. Ten years ago everyone had the book and now we’ve migrated to the electronic. When the Joint Commission sees you have Lippincott they don’t have to look much further. We know we are protected because we're practicing evidenced based nursing.”

Kristin E. Davies, MSN, RN
Clinical Educator and Student Nurse Coordinator
Grand View Hospital
Sellersville, PA

“Our nurses can open Lippincott Procedures at any time from any computer terminal eliminating the need to search for those policies elsewhere on the unit. This technology has improved access for our nurses to the most current health care information supporting the growth and expansion of evidence-based nursing practice in our organization.”

Jennifer Graham Powers, RN, CN IV, BSN, CCRN
Clinical Coordinator, Pauley Heart Center - Coronary ICU
Virginia Commonwealth University Health Systems
Richmond, VA

“What I appreciate most about Lippincott Procedures is its breadth of content. Lippincott covers virtually everything. We just went from a Level 2 to a Level 3 NICU, and were surprised to see so much great content for the neonatal world. This proved extremely helpful in getting the staff up to speed quickly.

Before having Lippincott Procedures, we had a million different procedures in a million different places. Now with standardized, accessible procedures we are able to ensure consistency from unit to unit, as well as between shifts.”

Debby Clack
Chief Nursing Officer
Hunt Regional Healthcare
Greenville, TX

“As Magnet Project Director, I can attest that Lippincott Solutions brings true value. Lippincott enables our nurses to integrate evidence into bedside practice – this is critical.

Lippincott’s search function is wonderful. In other electronic applications, I often get 500+ results for any keyword. Lippincott gives only the relevant results and doesn’t overwhelm me with extraneous information. This makes Lippincott fast and easier for our nurses to use.

One of our urologists requested that we have a procedure for our nurses to change suprapubic catheters. We checked Lippincott Procedures and were proud to see that Lippincott had an excellent, evidence-based procedure for this. The urologist thought Lippincott’s procedure was informative and detailed, and approved Lippincott as the basis for the procedure. On top of having the content we truly needed, Lippincott Procedures also has competency tests associated with it. We have confidence that our nurses will carry out evidence-based practice appropriately, thanks to Lippincott.”

Caryl Ann Mannino, RN, BSN, OCN, NE-BC
Director Professional Practice, Magnet Project Director
Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital
Binghamton, NY

“We use Lippincott as the ultimate authority on clinical standards as Lippincott is continually updated with its procedures and information based on evidence and research.

I’ve used Lippincott Procedures when I was in nursing school over 30 years ago. Lippincott is a name recognized by almost everyone in nursing. The fact that it’s web-based so it can be accessed from anywhere and that it is always being updated is critical. We love it for these reasons and more.”

Kristy Nielson, MSN, CCRN
Director of Education
Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County
Rock Springs, WY

“We offer easy access to Lippincott Advisor and Procedures through our MEDITECH documentation system – we don’t even have to leave MEDITECH to access important information from Lippincott on a procedure or patient diagnosis. I would say that 99% of our staff accesses Lippincott this way. Our policy says that anytime we don’t have a Mercy-specific procedure, clinicians must always refer to Lippincott. Therefore we have Lippincott’s up-to-date, evidence-based content at our clinicians’ fingertips at all times.”

Melissa Kline, RN, BSN
Coordinator, Nursing Education
Mercy Medical Center
Springfield, MA

“What we appreciate greatly about Lippincott Procedures is the ability to add critical notes. We add critical notes to many procedures to customize for our hospital system.

Prior to having Lippincott Procedures, the workload to manage our procedures was tremendous. Now, a lot of that workload is put on Lippincott, and our educators are able to focus on their primary job responsibilities.”

Melissa Boland
Business Analyst, Clinical Informatics
Palmetto Health
Columbia, South Carolina

“I am responsible for the clinical education of over 180 nurses in the field, who do home visits across a 100 mile radius in Colorado. Prior to having Lippincott Procedures, we would have to buy procedure books every 3-4 years and distribute them across a broad geographic territory in our state. It was a logistical challenge. Now with Lippincott’s electronic system, we are able to easily provide automatically updated, current, evidence-based procedures to our nursing staff on an ongoing basis.

Our clinicians often travel across mountainous and rural areas.  Even when they cannot get internet access, they will call our home office to have us provide the Lippincott procedure. Our nurses know they have a resource that they can trust.”

Wendy Bethurum, RN, BSN, CHPN
Clinical Educator and Resource Nurse
The Denver Hospice
Denver, CO

“In the High Risk Maternity Care unit, one of our patients needed a bone marrow biopsy. This is not a procedure we tend to do in this department. Our nurses reviewed the procedure in Lippincott Procedures, and looked at the pictures depicting each step. Once the physician came in to do the biopsy, the nurses felt prepared and comfortable to do the procedure. Lippincott Solutions assured our nurses the just-in-time education that was critical to delivering excellent care to our patient.

We recently conducted a comprehensive education on indwelling catheters across our system of 13 acute care hospitals. We used Lippincott Procedures for the skills checklist. This assisted us in standardizing the education. Having all team members understand the correct procedure helps our patients. This standardization helped our education team by having a skills validation tool already available without making our team develop one from scratch.”

Tracey Whitley, MSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM
Clinical Practice Specialist, Women and Children Services- Women’s Health Clinical Education
Novant Health
Winston-Salem, NC

“We recently started training sessions for our inpatient nurses, who will soon be working with our inpatient oncology patients. We pulled information and competencies from Lippincott Advisor and Lippincott Procedures on some specific diagnoses that they will see. We had all the information we needed in Lippincott; it saved us valuable time and resources to not have to do the research ourselves for this important training.”

Melissa Kline, RN, BSN
Coordinator, Nursing Education
Mercy Medical Center
Springfield, MA

“We value having a direct link to Lippincott Procedures from our EMR system, EPIC. For instance, when our nurses have a question about chest tube care while in the patient’s record, they can quickly pull up a checklist or video right from Lippincott. The nurse can even pull up the task in the patient’s room and share with the patient what they are doing. Being able to access Lippincott from the patient’s chart eliminates the amount of interruptions and helps improve patient care.”

Melody Routley, MSN, RN-BC
Nursing Professional Development Specialist
Kaiser Permanente
Clackamas, OR

“To ensure patient safety, we expect that every nurse at Meritus uses Lippincott Procedures. From our new grads to our experienced nurses with multi-state licensing, Lippincott helps ensure that all of our nurses are on the same page. Linking to Lippincott from our EMR status board helps make it easier for our nurses to stay competent.”

Tara Baker, RN, BSN
Clinical Educator
Meritus Medical Center
Hagerstown, MD

“We create coursework for our CNAs with Lippincott. For our biannual CNA-specific class, we use Lippincott to develop in-services on Falls, Foley Catheters, as well as other topics. We have confidence that we are training our CNAs using the most up-to-date, evidence-based content.”

Melody Routley, MSN, RN-BC
Nursing Professional Development Specialist
Kaiser Permanente
Clackamas, OR

“Lippincott Nursing Solutions supports everything with excellent evidence. When I encounter nurses who are skeptical of change, I challenge them to  produce the evidence for what they had been doing before having Lippincott. Then they look at the quality of evidence offered in Lippincott Nursing Solutions. How can they dispute sources like AORN and the Joint Commission?

We are a Magnet-recognized hospital, therefore it is important to have an evidence-based system with regular, scheduled reviews. I have confidence that with Lippincott, every piece of content will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. We are looking to have Lippincott Procedures as a resource for all clinicians, not just for our nurses.”

Jeanine Scott
Manager of Clinical Education
Salem Hospital – A Magnet Recognized Hospital
Salem, OR

“Lippincott Procedures is very easy to work with, and easily customizable. For example, we loaded in our own procedure for surgical counts to be specific to our facility – it was very easy to do as a system administrator.

We have consistency now with Lippincott. Everyone has a copy of the same procedures and policies, eliminating confusion and redundancies. Lippincott improves our access to current resources, which I believe leads to improved patient care.”

Toni Hughes, MA, RN, CNOR
Perioperative Education Specialist
Baltimore Washington Medical Center
Glen Burnie, MD

“Lippincott Procedures is our primary learning source for skills validation and ongoing training. We like that it puts accepted and appropriate standards of care right at our fingertips. Procedures is user friendly, and a key tool we use in support of quality of care. We aim for Lippincott Procedures to be the clinical platform we rely on for nurse orientation, self-education, and teaching and training.”

Michelle West
Vice President of Clinical Operations
LifeHouse Health Services
Castro Valley, CA

“We are really excited about having this resource in our system as a powerful resource for our team and it is double nice to have such great support along with the system! Thank you again.”

Angela Berg, RN, BSN
Compliance Officer/Board of Directors-Secretary
Cure 4 The Kids Foundation

“We love having Lippincott when it comes to Joint Commission and CMS visits. When CMS recently had a question about a policy of ours, we told them that ‘we use Lippincott’. They immediately replied, ‘Great, then we know it’s definitely up to date.’”

Tara Baker, RN, BSN
Clinical Educator
Meritus Medical Center
Hagerstown, MD

“During orientation, we present Lippincott Professional Development as a valuable tool to our new hires. We offer them a resource to increase their knowledge and get contact hours along with it. For our seasoned nurses of 20+ years, Lippincott has helped them learn more in areas they felt they were already familiar with. It is a great product.

Our staff loves Lippincott Professional Development. They appreciate that they can view modules from anywhere, and are often accessing it from their own homes. Also, many of our nurses pursue certifications- Professional Development helps them get there.

For us, as clinical educators, Lippincott Professional Development makes it easy to support and educate our staff. Before having Lippincott, we created our own content. This was very time consuming, and a lot of work to continually update. Lippincott Professional Development is always up-to-date, and always evidence-based. Whenever we see someone struggling, or if we have someone on a performance plan, we assign them the relevant LPD modules to help strengthen their skills and confidence. It is so easy to assign to our staff.

We love the knowledge checks along the way. We also really like the case studies – they help enhance critical thinking skills.”

Sheila Blackmur, MSN-RN-BC, CMSRN and Beth Weese, MSN, RN, GCNS-BC
Clinical Educators
Southwest General Health Center
Middleburg Heights, OH

“What was my goal for Lippincott Solutions among our nurses and staff? To Improve the care of our patients, by equipping our team members with easy-to-access, world class resources. We love Lippincott Solutions – it was a great choice.”

Mitzie Trammel MS, RN, CCRN, Clinical Practice Specialist
Critical Care Clinical Education
Novant Health
Winston-Salem, NC

“Last year, when our chemical dependency unit had a patient with a seizure disorder and wanted some current reference material about caring for this type of patient, I was able to give them the link in Lippincott to know what to do to manage the patient’s seizures. As the Manager of Education, I want our nurses to have quick and easy access to evidence based information, not Google, for answers. Thankfully Lippincott Procedures not only answers the ‘what’ but also the ‘why’.”

Carol Miles, MS, RN
Manager, Department of Education and Professional Development
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center – San Pedro
San Pedro, CA

“Like the quick lists – they are invaluable and helpful for a quick review. Lippincott Procedures saves us time in that we don’t need to develop a didactic module for education. If Lippincott already has it, there’s no need to reinvent it.

We also like that it’s evidence based. We need Lippincott to be as up-to-date as possible.”

Lois Bentler-Lampe, MS, RN-BC
Director of Nursing Education
OSF HealthCare System
Peoria, IL

“When we were going through the Magnet application process, having Lippincott Solutions illustrated the tremendous emphasis we place on evidence-based best practice. Our nurses’ frequent use of Lippincott Procedures at the bedside and in continuing education showed the surveyor just how current we are in our practice. The surveyor was very impressed.”

Nandel H. Smith, RN, MS, NE-BC
Nurse Manager
AnMed Health
Anderson, SC

“Lippincott Procedures has proven to be a very valuable resource in the Mobile Simulation Lab.  We rely on Lippincott’s evidence-based content to practice procedures such as procedural sedation, malignant hypothermia, and pediatric respiratory emergencies with nurses, residents, and physicians. In coordination with Neonatology, we’ve created a Neonatal Simulation Education Training (NEST) to address poor statistics in neonatal mortalities. For this training we specifically use Lippincott procedure for the newborn and care management along with the NRP and S.T.A.P.L.E.S guidelines. We first go through the Lippincott procedure and print off Lippincott’s quick lists, then load the Lippincott procedure into the simulator. Prior to running the scenario with the simulator, Lippincott procedures that are specific to the content are given to each participant as a reference or learning tool throughout the training session. If a staff member is unfamiliar with the resource or unaware that their facility has it, we use this time to teach them how to access it. Thanks to this training, staff is showing greater competency with higher post-test scores, greater comfort with the equipment, and becoming comfortable with using Lippincott Procedures when they need it.

With Lippincott Procedures as a foundational resource for our program, we have achieved 100% participant satisfaction from all 350 trainees that have been trained in our program so far. This score is based on feedback on both the actual policy and using Lippincott Procedures as a tool. Our on-the-spot training focused on getting them onboard and comfortable with using Lippincott Procedures, and all participants looked forward to using Procedures in their everyday practice.”

Deborah Stokes
Lead Educator, Mobile Simulation Lab
Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance
Wilmington, NC

“I have been amazed by the stellar customer service we have received as a Lippincott Procedures customer. We asked our Wolters Kluwer representative if she could add in specific features to accommodate our facilities’ needs, and we were shocked that she actually made such custom changes for us! Wolters Kluwer has been really receptive to our specific requests and has made edits to cater to the psych-specific procedures we require.

Lippincott’s customer service is – without a doubt - top of the charts. Several of our IT managers have said that the service we have received is probably the best we have ever seen.”

A Lippincott Procedures Customer in Mental Health

“If a nurse has to assist or do a procedure on a patient, he or she doesn’t have to leave the bedside to look it up - it’s at their fingertips. Looking up a procedure in a book is often times not convenient or may be a challenge if the procedure needs to be done quickly. Novice to expert nurses find the online tool supportive in patient care. We have created links within our electronic medical record. The nurse can simply open a new window to look up a procedure  In many instances, we have added links, within the critical notes, to hospital policies or protocols related to procedures that may help support the care the nurse provides.”

Jennifer Lombardi, RN, MBA, BSN
Hospital Standards Coordinator
University of Kansas Hospital
Kansas City, MO

“Information on Lippincott Procedures is useful because it’s evidence based which we like. We also can edit all the procedures, all the tests, and all the checklists so they are specific to our facility. I also link our policies to it so if nurses want to look at a procedure they can, but they also can go further by making one click to see the policy unique to our organization.”

Ellen Tichich, MFA, RN
Clinical Nurse Educator

“Our health system uses Lippincott Procedures. It is wonderful to have a centralized tool for our clinicians. Our nurses and clinicians appreciate these regular, evidence-based content updates.”

Mary McCool
Nursing Education and Research
UPMC Health System
Pittsburgh, PA

“As a system of eight hospitals plus home care and hospice, we have a key goal of standardizing our procedures and policies. Lippincott Procedures has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goal. We want Lippincott to be our ‘one go-to spot’, and have enabled our clinicians to access it easily through our EMR system as well as via laptops in the home care setting.  At the corporate level, this gives us assurance that our clinicians throughout our organization are carrying out procedures consistently utilizing evidence based practice.

Lippincott’s evidence-based content and easy integration were big drivers in choosing Lippincott. We now feel with Lippincott Procedures we are encouraging adoption of best practices, which will lead to even better patient care.”

Brandy Laisner, RN, MSN
Director of Professional Practice
OSF Healthcare System
Peoria, IL

“We really like Lippincott Procedures, it’s updated annually so we don’t have to worry about burdening our Directors with research. This saves them time so they don’t have to update policies every three years like they did because Lippincott does it every year.

Lippincott Procedures is easy to use, as easy as a Google search which everyone knows how to do. It’s fast too.  All a nurse needs to enter is a couple of words to find the procedure they want and don’t have to go look for a book or our policy binder which is actually five binders for all departments.”

Sondra Fettes RNC, MSN
Director of Magnet and Nursing Research
Oaklawn Hospital
Marshall, MI

“At the corporate level of UHS, Lippincott Procedures are THE procedures. Enabling us to standardize best practices across our 25 acute care hospitals, Lippincott Advisor and Lippincott Procedures are our go-to references for the nursing staff.

We ensure that our Lippincott resources are no more than 2 clicks away from the nurse. We provide links to Lippincott Advisor and Lippincott Procedures via our EMR system and the nurses’ desktops; the online references through Lippincott are easily and quickly accessible by our nurses.”

Terry McGoldrick, RN, MSN
Corporate Chief Nursing Officer
Universal Health Services, Inc.
King of Prussia, PA

“As a teaching hospital, Parkland Health and Hospital System is looking to put even more focus on Evidence Based Practice. We have identified a team of nurses who will focus their efforts on ways to educate our staff on the importance of Evidence Based Practice, why we need it, and how we use evidence. Having Lippincott is instrumental in our efforts.

Our clinicians are able to access Lippincott in many places: we have added direct links to procedures in our EMR system EPIC, a link on our intranet home page, and a desktop icon on every computer station.   Since having Lippincott Procedures, we love the availability of even more procedures that are detailed and very educational. On top of that, our staff really like the videos and diagrams Lippincott offers.”

Alice Figueroa BSN, RNC-NIC
Nursing Procedure Specialist, Clinical Education
Parkland Health and Hospital System
Dallas, TX

“I believe Lippincott Procedures creates safer patient care since it is quick to access, easy to use, and evidence-based. It promotes a consistency of quality practice throughout the hospital and not just for the nurses. Often when we start writing or revising a policy we find that Lippincott has one, and it just needs minor editing to match our practice. This saves us a ton of time and effort.

Lippincott Procedures allow us to have a superior teaching dynamic. Our student nurses print from Lippincott the procedure they will be observing, and bring it with them as the RN performs the procedure. This frees up the student nurse to only ask more sophisticated questions, which instills trust in the patient that our nurses know what they are doing.

The photos and graphics in Lippincott Procedures are great and very user-friendly. So many nurses are visual learners; Lippincott’s graphics enable our nurses to learn procedures effectively and quickly. This, in combination with Lippincott’s exceptional references, has earned the trust of our nurses and staff.”

Andrea Terry, RN, MSN, CMSRN, WCC
Director of Education and Staff Development
Verdugo Hills Hospital
Glendale, CA

“Lippincott affords our staff ‘Just-In-Time Education’. It is accessible, simple to use, and easy to search. If our nurses have questions, Lippincott is a quick, reliable source for the latest information.  Anytime we’re able to get information quickly to our nurses, we can be sure we’re improving patient care.

Implementing Lippincott was fairly easy. We experienced a seamless integration with our computer system.”

Jamie Luark, R.N., M.S.N.
System Director Educational Services
St. Luke’s Health System
Kansas City, MO