Common questions

General Product Information

What is Lippincott Advisor?

Lippincott Advisor is a clinical online reference tool available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is made up of an expanding collection of over 3,000 evidence-based entries covering diagnostic tests, diseases, treatments, signs and symptoms, drugs, patient education and handouts, nursing care plans, references, images, guidelines, and more. It is a point-of-care virtual library developed specifically for nurses.

What is the primary benefit of Lippincott Advisor?

Nurses have immediate access to specific evidence-based clinical care information where and when they need it.

How does Lippincott Advisor improve efficiency?

Lippincott Advisor takes a nurse directly to an in-depth definition and explanation on the topic searched. It also works intuitively. Nurses enter a search term, or choose one from a list, and immediately see the vital data they need or a list of topics to choose from.

What are the advantages of Lippincott Advisor over similar programs?

  • Ability to access more than 3,000 sources that address the majority of information nurses need at the point of care without reviewing an extended list of books and articles
  • No need to search through lengthy textbook articles or voluminous Internet search returns to find the relevant information
  • Consistent use of terms across all topic areas employing the most medically acceptable terminology

How does Lippincott Advisor function?

There are two ways to immediately access information from the opening screen of the website.

  • Choose the specific information needed from a list of topics presented by category such as diseases, drugs, or diagnostic tests.
  • Enter a search term that returns a specific topic or results ordered by relevance.

Once the topic is opened, the nurse can:

  • Quickly scroll through information presented
  • Follow a link to a specific section of the topic
  • Follow links to related content (such as drug information, associated diseases, treatments and signs and symptoms)
  • Click to search on any word or content

Are your topics evidence-based?

Yes. Evidence-based references are provided to support all the diseases, diagnostic tests, and treatments.

Am I able to add customized protocols or notes within topics?

Customers have the ability to add their own protocols or notes to existing disease, diagnostic test, treatment, sign and symptom, and drug topics as well as add new ones.

Does Lippincott Advisor include teaching handouts for patients?

Lippincott Advisor includes MedFacts Medication Patient Handouts.

Does Lippincott Advisor integrate with my existing Lippincott Procedures subscription?

Yes. Lippincott Advisor can be accessed from Lippincott Procedures as a separate browser window. A link is visible on the Lippincott Procedures menu bar for customers that have purchased Lippincott Advisor.

Does Lippincott Advisor integrate with my existing Ovid subscriptions?

Yes, customers with Ovid subscriptions may request linking between Lippincott Advisor and subscribed to OVID journals, enabling them to view the full text of the articles cited as references in Lippincott Advisor.

Do journal articles come with Lippincott Advisor?

Journal articles are not included in Lippincott Advisor. However, they can be accessed via Lippincott Professional Development Collection, also part of the Lippincott Solutions suite, which provides clinical education and competency validation for your staff with optional integration with facility LMS systems. To see the current list of journal articles available, please visit the Lippincott Professional Development Collection demo site at:

Does Lippincott Advisor integrate with my Electronic Medical Record/Electronic Health Record?

Integration with your EMR/EHR may be available. Contact your Lippincott Solutions sale representative to learn more.

How often is Lippincott Advisor updated?

Weekly drug updates are provided. Disease and Treatment information is updated annually based on a rolling quarterly review process. Signs and Symptoms and Diagnostic Test information is updated every 3 years. MedFacts Patient Handouts are updated quarterly. Critical content changes are made as needed.

How do I search across both  Lippincott Procedures and  Lippincott Advisor simultaneously?

(Note: this functionality is only available to customers who have purchased both Lippincott Procedures and Lippincott Advisor.) From Lippincott Procedures, select ‘All Procedures and Advisor content’ from the filter box. Enter your search team and press the ‘Search’ button. The first option will display the Procedures results, and then by hitting the Advisor tab you can see those results as well for patient teaching handouts, diseases, or drugs related to the searched procedure.  

Demonstration and Purchasing

How much does Lippincott Advisor cost?

Pricing for Lippincott Advisor is based on the health facility's number of beds.

Who do I contact for more information or a free trial of Lippincott Advisor?

Email or call 855-695-5070.