Lippincott Professional Development

Build Culture of Learning, Increase Competence, Drive Productivity. Improve Outcomes.

In conjunction with the Lippincott Solutions suite, all Lippincott Professional Development software maps to Lippincott Procedures, and Lippincott Advisor, supporting intentional curriculum design and reinforcing knowledge retention at all points.

Lippincott Learning

Lippincott Learning was designed to help hospitals and health systems create a culture of lifelong learning. With Lippincott Learning, you can attract and retain top nursing and allied health talent, ultimately improving patient outcomes. It includes everything you need to develop curricula quickly and easily to support individual educational paths for nursing and allied health staff at any level.

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Lippincott Blended Learning

Lippincott Blended Learning, a comprehensive collection of evidence-based curriculum assets, designed to support the rapid deployment of content on “need to know” information that gets staff quickly trained and moved onto productivity as soon as possible.

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Lippincott Professional Development

Advance your nurses' knowledge, competence, and careers with Lippincott Professional Development Collection, an online, evidence-based, clinical education and competency validation solution that offers continuing education for your staff and optional integration with your facility LMS.

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