Lippincott Blended Learning Common Questions

General Product Information

How is Lippincott Blended Learning accessed?

Lippincott Blended Learning is a web-based tool and can be accessed via the Internet from within your organization via individual logins for users and admins. 

Are your topics evidence-based?

Yes. Evidence-based references are provided to support all the content within the solution.  The content is updated on a quarterly schedule by our network of subject matter experts, to ensure you have the highest quality and most current evidence-based information available.

How many programs are available in Lippincott Blended Learning?

A growing collection of over 100 lessons on Patient Care Delivery, Quality and Safety, and Leadership and Professionalism and Nursing Orientations for Medical Surgical, Critical Care, Perioperative, Obstetrics, and Emergency.

Will Lippincott Blended Learning integrate with my own learning management system? 

Integration with your learning management system may be available. Contact a Lippincott Solutions sales representative for details.

Are Continuing Education credits available through Lippincott Blended Learning?

No, Continuing Education activities are only available in Lippincott Professional Development Collection.

Are Lippincott Blended Learning Continuing Education credits available for non-nursing staff?

No, Continuing Education activities are only available in Lippincott Professional Development Collection.

Is Lippincott Blended Learning customizable?

Yes, the content is evidence-based, but also fully customizable to your facility’s specific education needs.

Technical Specifications

What are the system requirements for Lippincott Blended Learning?

Lippincott Blended Learning is hosted on Lippincott's servers and accessed via the Internet. Recommended network requirements are available upon request.

Is there any integration required with my hospital’s technology infrastructure?

No. However, for best performance, we recommend assessing the product with a broadband Internet connection.

Demonstration and Purchasing

What are the costs of Lippincott Blended Learning?

Institutional pricing depends on the size of the healthcare organization or educational institution. Subscriptions are available to purchase the entire library.