Lippincott Professional Development Collection

Increase Competence. Improve Outcomes.

Online, clinical education and competency validation solution with optional LMS integration.

Lippincott Professional Development Collection is an online, evidence-based, clinical education and competency validation solution offering continuing education for your staff and optional integration with your facility Learning Management System (LMS) that includes over 370 online courses, most accredited for CE, and consists of a series of courses that are co-developed with Joint Commission Resources (JCR) including courses across the following programs: Compliance, Heart Failure Disease-Specific Care, Joint Replacement Disease-Specific Care, Patient Safety, Stroke Disease-Specific Care

Ensure staff competence

Increase clinical knowledge

Improve patient outcomes

Satisfy CE requirements

Optimize nursing performance

What Lippincott Professional Development Collection Can Do For You

Product benefits as follows:

  • Increases clinical knowledge
  • Builds nursing confidence through improved clinical competency
  • Reduce costs of researching, printing and distributing training materials
  • Maintains compliance with current national ANCC guidelines and supports the Joint Commission’s accreditation and certification requirements
  • Improves patient safety and clinical outcomes
  • Provides a single source solution for nursing continuing education across your organization
  • Saves educators valuable time spent on course research and development
  • Provides nursing continuing education credits


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The programs help optimize nursing performance, increase clinical knowledge, promote staff competence, and improve patient outcomes.   Program content advances nurses’ clinical and professional knowledge and skills, to help them understand current issues such as quality improvement, patient safety, patient privacy, and professional and ethical issues, as well as the newest clinical changes and advancements related to patient care.

Lippincott ensures that the evidence-based education programs are worthy of the Lippincott name, the most trusted publisher of nursing content.  Each program contains a series of e-courses, case studies, competency assessments, and/or tutorials delivered in easy-to-learn, interactive formats.  The programs and accompanying testing modules help build nursing staff confidence as competency, skills, and performance improve. Pre- and Post-tests, embedded self-assessments, video, images, charts, and video clips add realism and improve information retention.

After an organization purchases access to the library of Lippincott Professional Development Collection:

  • An educator or nurse manager can assign the program(s) and/or course(s) to the nursing staff. The nurse would see that the course was assigned and then be able to begin work on completing the course.
  • If permitted, a nurse may choose to take an elective course. Elective courses are designated from the list of subscribed courses for the organization by the administrator. 
  • Multiple interactive course formats, including real life scenario-based question and answer courses, short mandatory training courses, and more
  • Images, charts, and video clips add realism and improve information retention
  • Audio supplements support on-screen information in many courses
  • Embedded questions and answers in various programs encourage individual progress assessment
  • Tests accompany every e-course
  • Robust administrative capabilities are available to pre-set test completion requirements, passing scores, or disable the testing component

“Whenever we see someone struggling, or if we have someone on a performance plan, we assign them the relevant LPD Collection modules to help strengthen their skills and confidence. It is so easy to assign to our staff.”

Sheila Blackmur, MSN, RN-BC, CMSRN, Clinical Educator, and
Beth M. Weese, MSN, RN, GCNS-BC, Clinical Educator

Southwest General Health Center
Middleburg Heights, Ohio

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