Lippincott® Learning

Build a culture of lifelong learning, reduce variability of care and ensure staff competency.

Award-winning competency validation, continuing education and certification review solution from the experts at Lippincott.

Lippincott Learning was designed to help hospitals and health systems create a culture of lifelong learning. With Lippincott Learning, you can attract and retain top nursing and allied health talent, ultimately improving patient outcomes. It includes everything you need to develop curricula quickly and easily to support individual educational paths for nursing and allied health staff at any level.

Because Lippincott Learning connects seamlessly to the entire Lippincott Solutions suite, learning is reinforced right at the bedside. Accelerate behavior change that improves patient care and maximizes reimbursement.

Promote accountability for bedside behavior and evidence-based practice

Bolster staff confidence, knowledge and skills through a variety of engaging learning activities

Keep vacancies filled with staff members who are well prepared, more productive and more likely to stay aboard

Get instant access to a wide range of multidisciplinary educational assets all in one place, from highly specialized continuing education for nurses to mandatory, non-clinical subjects, such as HIPAA and fire safety

Support new nurses, millennial learners, nurse preceptors, advanced practice nursing staff, allied health and more with common learning scenarios such as new nurse orientation, certification review and quick refreshers

Lippincott Learning is an ideal competency validation, continuing education and certification review software solution for hospitals and health systems who want to reduce variability of care and improve staff competency.

  • Tools to assess and validate staff competency and quickly put remediation plans into place, with a seamless path to improvement via links to other products within the Lippincott Solutions suite
  • Learning activities specifically created in-house for advanced practice nursing and allied health staff, rather than repurposed from other sources
  • Self-assessments delivered via our unique quizzing platform embedded within Lippincott Learning
  • Optional LMS integration available for all major providers

Our library includes trusted, authoritative content from leading sources, such as:

  • Joint Commission Resources
  • The Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD)
  • The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI)
  • Lippincott

A wide range of assets all in one place:

  • 2,000-plus CE credit-earning scholarly journal articles from Lippincott covering 70 nursing practice settings and 18 allied health professions
  • 400-plus interactive courses to keep learners challenged and engaged
  • Plus, our exclusive nursing certification review, including courses and quizzes

In conjunction with Lippincott Solutions suite, Lippincott Learning maps to Lippincott Procedures, Lippincott Advisor, and Lippincott Blended Learning, supporting intentional curriculum design and reinforcing knowledge retention at all points.

Lippincott received the ANCC® Accreditation Premier Program Award two years in a row (2017-2018). This prestigious award recognizes accredited organizations that excel in providing high-quality nursing education activities and deliver excellence in leadership, innovation and quality outcomes.

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