Common questions

General Product Information

What is Lippincott Procedures?

Lippincott Procedures is an online, institutional, point-of-care clinical decision support software product from Wolters Kluwer. It delivers step-by-step instructions for over 1,700 procedures for nursing, physical therapy, and respiratory therapy, and is regularly updated with the latest evidence-based practice information.

What are the benefits of Lippincott Procedures?

Lippincott Procedures provides clinicians with accurate, up-to-date information at the point-of-care, delivers solutions that work for users with varying computer experience, ensures that your organization's procedures are documented and available to all clinicians at all times, and enables efficient tracking of orientation and training.

What is the source for Lippincott Procedures?

Lippincott Procedures is created by clinicians for clinicians. Every procedure in Lippincott Procedures has been written and validated by a practicing clinical expert in the field and is formulated on the most recent, evidence-based standards of patient care.

How often is the content updated in Lippincott Procedures?

The product is updated as needed to reflect changes in current clinical guidelines and standards. All procedures are reviewed for updates at least annually on a rolling basis.

What are the procedures reviewed for?

Each procedure is reviewed for:

  • Current content including adherence to the most current standards and guidelines set by The Joint Commission,  Intravenous Nursing Society, American Heart Association, American Blood Bank, American Associate of Critical-Care Nurses, and other leading nursing and healthcare organizations
  • Current references within 3 to 5 years except for legacy references. Reference review also includes appropriateness of the references to the content
  • Current images and photos
  • Relevance, timeliness and completeness of the procedures

Do you rank the references?

Yes, all evidence-based references are rated according to Melnyk’s Rating System for the Hierarchy of Evidence.

Accessing and Using Lippincott Procedures

How is Lippincott Procedures accessed?

Lippincott Procedures is a web-based tool and can be accessed via the Internet from within your organization via IP authentication, Athens authentication, or referral access. There is no log-on required to view procedures, so nurses and clinicians quickly get to the information they need.

Do you offer training on Lippincott Procedures?

Yes. Online, on-demand training is offered to customers. Visit the Training and Support Page to learn more.

Is Lippincott Procedures customizable?

Yes. Procedures, checklists, quick lists, and skills competency tests can be edited and customized to reflect your needs. There is no limit to the number of customized procedures you can add to Lippincott Procedures. This feature also includes an audit trail for tracking the author and date of all changes made.

Can I add my organization’s name and logo to Lippincott Procedures?

Yes. The Administration Tools contain an option to add your institution’s name and upload a logo. The name of your institution will appear on the upper right hand corner of the screen. The logo will appear on procedures when you print them out.

Can I upload images and videos to Lippincott Procedures?

You can upload .jpg and .gif files no larger than 500 KB and flash and mp4 videos less than 15 MB in size.

How do I retrieve a procedure that has been deleted?

Administrators can use the “Reinstate Procedure” button to retrieve any standard procedure that has been deleted. However, custom procedures that have been deleted must be entered again.

Can I embed hyperlinks in custom procedures?

Yes, by simply using the chain-link icon within the Administration Tools.

Can I import charts and graphs to Lippincott Procedures?

Yes. It is possible to cut and paste charts and graphs from Microsoft Office software into Lippincott Procedures. You can also create tables within procedures using the Content Management editor.

Is there any way to distinguish which procedures have notes once they have been made?

Yes. From within the Content Management tab, you are able to apply a variety of filters including by standard or custom content, notes, drafts, and also filter  by date.

How do the skills checklists work? Is there any notification sent to users when they are assigned a checklist?

Managers can assign skills checklists to users and set within the preferences that they would like the user to be notified of the assignment on the start date. 

Can I import the names of users from an Excel file?

Yes, you can convert your Excel file to a comma separated value file (CSV) and import it.

Do the procedures have audio?

Yes, those procedures with video clips have audio.

Can I add customized clinical categories to Lippincott Procedures?

Yes. You have the ability to customize disciplines, categories, and subcategories within Lippincott Procedures as well as map procedures to these categories.

Is it possible to print an Audit Trail?

Yes, the Audit Trail can be printed on the edit screens for procedures, checklists, and quick lists.

How will I find out about updates to Lippincott Procedures?

Upon set-up of your program, you will specify contact name(s) to be contacted when updates are being made to the product. Administrative users can also opt in for the Update notification via their user profile in the User tab. This contact person(s) will receive an email prior to product updates to make them aware of the upcoming changes. They can also view all updated and reviewed procedures in the Updates Tab that can be found in the Administration section.

How do I search across both  Lippincott Procedures and  Lippincott Advisor simultaneously?

(Note: this functionality is only available to customers who have purchased both Lippincott Procedures and Lippincott Advisor.)  From Lippincott Procedures, select ‘All Procedures and Advisor content’ from the filter box.  Enter your search team and press the ‘Search’ button.  The first option will display the Procedures results, and then by hitting the Advisor tab you can see those results as well for patient teaching handouts, diseases, or drugs related to the searched procedure.   

Technical Specifications

What are the system requirements for Lippincott Procedures?

Lippincott Procedures is hosted on Lippincott's servers and accessed via the Internet. Recommended network requirements are available upon request.

Is there any integration required with my hospital’s technology infrastructure?

No. However, for best performance we recommend assessing the product with a broadband Internet connection.

Does Lippincott Procedures integrate with my existing Ovid subscriptions?

Yes, customers with Ovid subscriptions may request linking between Lippincott Procedures and subscribed to Ovid journals, enabling them to view the full text of the articles cited as references in Lippincott Procedures.

Who do I contact for technical assistance with Lippincott Procedures?

Technical assistance is available around the clock. Visit our Contact Us page for more information.

At what speed do the video clips play?

The videos are tested to work at broadband speed. The minimum FCC definition for broadband is 768Kbps.

Demonstration and Purchasing

How much does Lippincott Procedures cost?

Pricing for Lippincott Procedures is based on the number of beds in a hospital or facility. Contact a Lippincott Solutions representative for detailed pricing information.

Where can I get more information or a free trial of Lippincott Procedures?

Email or call  855-695-5070.