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Go Straight to the Source!

Lippincott is excited to introduce to you, a new consulting service designed to deliver on our promise of superior customer service, allowing you to keep the Clinical Decision Support you prefer, while eliminating the headache of laborious work-arounds caused by LMS systems not fully interoperable. 

When you need answers, when every decision counts and time matters, when you have to be right... go straight to the source with Lippincott Solutions.

Lippincott Solutions

Our new consulting capabilities will help you:
  • Develop a scalable work around to manage limitations imposed by closed-system LMS providers by leveraging native tools to link to Lippincott content

  • Minimize any future risk to your integration so you retain control and agility if and when there are future LMS changes

Only the experts at Lippincott can help you harness the full power of your Continuing Professional Development solution to improve outcomes and improve ROI.

Lippincott is by your side and committed to your success every step of the way, so ask your sales rep or Customer Success partner how we can help you get started.

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